Saving your results

Download as CSV

Your results can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the arrow on the Copy Results button, then selecting Download Results.

Step 1 - Download results

Once you have provided a response for each of the 8 domains, you will see that the Copy Result button is active.

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Copy Result text
  2. You can now see the option to download your results

Step 2 - Locate and open results

You have now downloaded your first set of results as a CSV file. The filename will be iar_dst_export.csv.

Open your file using a program such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers.

Example of file when opened with Excel

Step 3 - Add a unique identifier

There is an identifier column at the end of the results called label. In our example, we have populated label with the patient’s client number. This will allow us to match patients to their results when we start to add more rows to our spreadsheet.

Example of including an identifier column

Step 4 - Build a master spreadsheet

When you are ready, you can reset your assessment form in order to complete for your next patient. Please see our instructions on Resetting the assessment.

Subsequent rows can be added by downloading your next set of results using Copy Result again. You can then open the new result .csv file and copy and paste the new results into your master spreadsheet.

Example of layout for master spreadsheet