Developer resources

Online API

The IAR digital decision support tool has been integrated into the existing OMSSS API, which PHNs are already integrating into their systems. While the stand-alone online interface may be used separately. OMSSS provides an automatable mechanism to both capture the eight domain scores and return the derived resulting recommended level of care. This service may be utilised by organisations wanting to easily integrate the capture of the scores and/or the computation of the recommended level of care into their own local systems. The mechanism for doing this will be via a request over the internet to the API service from the organisation’s local system. The Online API:

  • Does not require the capture of any identifying information other than the organisation making the request;
  • Requires the integrator to use an API key linked to their organisation;
  • Allows the API consumer to generate a link to the Australian Government IAR-DST interface in “OMSSS mode”;
  • Allows IAR-DST interface users to submit the eight domain scores and associated recommended level of care to OMSSS;
  • Allows the API consumer to retrieve the eight domain scores and associated recommended level of care from OMSSS;
  • Meets Australian Government security requirements.

More information is available via the OMSSS REST API.

Reference implementations

The reference implementations have been developed as software libraries. The libraries consumes the eight domain scores and returns the derived recommended level of care via an implementation of the scoring algorithm.

The reference implementations can be used by third party developers to understand how to best create a local implementation of the scoring algorithm. This might be desirable where a different programming language to those used in the reference implementations is a local requirement. It may also be integrated into local systems. This method of integration does not require the integrator to send data to an external system over the internet. The reference implementation:

  • Implements the scoring algorithm required to consume the 8 domain scores and return the resulting recommended level of care;
  • Includes documentation for developers;
  • Includes examples of use;
  • Includes a test suite to ensure accuracy.

Test data set

A test data set has been developed covering all possible combinations of domain ratings and the associated derived level of care. The test data set may be used by third party developers who wish to implement the scoring algorithm themselves.

Requesting access

In order to access to the developer resources including the API you must agree to electronically sign an Integrator Agreement. In order to initiate the agreement process send an email to noting the organisation you represent and the resources you wish to gain access to.

Access to the API is granted via the provision of an Integration Key. The reference implementations and test data set are hosted on a private repository, access is granted by adding a user to that repository.