Data Security and Privacy Issues

It is not necessary to transmit or have stored any personally identifying information in order to make use of the digital decision support tools.

The stand-alone online decision support tool:

  • Does not require the capture of any identifying information; and
  • Does not require authentication.

Similarly, the online API:

  • Does not require the capture of any identifying information other than the organisation making the request; and
  • Requires the integrator to use an API key linked to their organisation.
  • An integrator MAY send a “label” to the IAR-DST interface to assist the user in identifying who the measure should be completed for. This label is only stored while the data is being collected and is discarded either when the data is retrieved by the integrator or after 7 days. The content of this label is decided by the integrator and the above processes should be considered when deciding what, if anything, should be provided.